Multilingual: The Major Programming Languages

Counting programming languages sometimes feels a bit like counting stars. As  new languages constantly develop and old ones become obsolete it can be hard to keep track of – especially for the uninitiated. The  Wikipedia page listing history’s notable languages has a few hundred scripting languages alone. But if you are new the coding world here are the most important languages and their primary uses. Not only are they the most marketable job skills, it’s highly probable most any software or web page you’ve used was coded using one of these languages.

Sailing the ‘C’s

C    The oldie, but a goodie. C is not a new language (developed in the early seventies) but is still used today. Mostly for embedded functions, operating systems, and as the foundation for other programming languages.

C#  (C-sharp) is another general purpose language. This one was developed by Microsoft in 2000 and is used in many of their programs.

C++ (C-plus-plus) is one of the most versatile and useful languages.  It is a major player in both Microsoft and Mac functions. C++ is, ass well as the power behind independent products such as Adobe, Firefox, and many games.

Objective-C Like C# for Microsoft, Objective-C was created for and by Apple (or rather its eventual subsidiaries).

Spinning the World Wide Web

Python  is another backbone in the coding world. Easy to use and understand this language is primarily used for the web. (Bonus: its name comes from Monty Python!)

JavaScriptPHPHTML, and CSS are all the languages behind the websites and pretty formatting we love. Standing for PHP: HyperText Preprocessor,  Hypertext Markup Language, and Cascading Style Sheets – respectively.

Ruby is easy to learn and use, mainly used for mobile device and web development.

The Other Biggies

Java Even individuals who have really only ever used a computer in passing know about Java. This diverse language is used in everything from web content to enterprise software to operating systems. It is specifically designed to be used across platforms and operating systems.

SQL (sequel) or Structured Query Language is special purpose language for data management and is used across the board.

Others that are commonly used are Swift (for iOS), Visual Basic and Visual Basic.NET.


Bonus! Helpful Infographics

Because visuals are helpful.




 Jaxenter  ♠  Mashable   ♠   Coding Dojo   ♠  IEEE Spectrum

 New Relic   ♠  Cleveroad



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