Delight in Differences

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” Maya Angelou

Differences are necessary for society to function. If everyone was only good at one thing, or saw the world one way, we’d be lucky if we could eat. We certainly wouldn’t have the advances we do, and solving problems would be impossible.

Obviously, I’ve experienced the power of diversification throughout my life. But recently, I was really struck by how important having distinctiveness is.

It was one of those impossibly rare group projects where everyone works well together, is driven, and synergistic. While independently we each probably could have completed the assignment, it would have taken so much more work and time and been decidedly more frustrating. But working together made designing the program  so much easier and fun. We all saw the problem slightly differently, so when someone got stuck, someone else saw a way to fix it. Our different talents made work efficient.

This experience really reminded me why having diversity is so crucial. Obviously, we could celebrate and cultivate our individual variances in every aspect of life, but in something like computer science, where problem solving is a daily occurrence, and the end result touches every aspect of life, its especially important to keep in mind.


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