7 Things You Need to Know if You are Entering a Computer Science Field

1. Your life will become a living puzzle.

Everyday you will be solving problems. You are going to be continually challenged to look at things in a new way and come up with solutions to questions and obstacles you would have never even thought to think about before.

2. And it will be a little bit like being in Wonderland.

As you get deeper and deeper into the w0rld of COSC, the weirder things become. Sometimes standing on your head is the best way to solve your problem. And sometimes you can do crazy seemingly impossible things.

3. Failure is obligatory.

You are going to fail and fail again. And then fix your mistakes only to fail again. It hurts. It’s humbling. You’ll make stupid errors and miss obvious things.

4. As such, you’ll have to a bit of knight.

Or whatever exemplifies courage, faith and integrity to you. It’s hard to be a failure everyday. It takes a lot, especially when you are still learning and feeling utterly confused constantly, to keep going, to believe in yourself enough to not give up.

5. Change is also unavoidable.

You’re going into technology. This is probably on the nose obvious – five years basically equals ancient history. What are you expecting? But it’s important to remember. If/then statements and for loops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but lots of things are.

6. You’ll get by “with a little help from your friends”.

While you are going to mess up and miss obvious solutions, so is the person next to you. And what you might miss, someone else might see. But the reverse is also true. Never underestimate the value of having diversity in your team, especially in interests and perspectives.

7. Build a Portfolio

This piece of advice is far less metaphysical, but extremely important. I never had anyone tell me this. I had to figure it out on my own. Build it as diversely and extensively as possible and start early; you can easily change and modify it later.

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