Changing the World: Presidential Medal of Honor

In case you missed it, two female computer scientists were awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor: Grace Hopper and Margaret Hamilton. Both have changed the world with their contributions, which is unsurprisingly why they were awarded the highest civilian award. Grace Hopper:   Margaret Hamilton:


Its Ada Lovelace Day!!

Today is Ada Lovelace Day! A while back I posted about the Enchantress of Numbers herself. But today is when we celebrate not only her but women in STEM throughout history. Go to the Finding Ada webpage to find out more about this special day. I found some Ada & coding fashions. Lovelace on Etsy Lovelace [...]

Bigotry in the Software

Programmers are always dealing with bugs in their software, but prejudices may be just as much as of a concern. In my browsing, I happened to stumble across this very interesting NPR story about computer programs and algorithms perpetuating  sexism and racism. You can listen  to it here: Fascinated,I did more research. And I [...]