Hot Key Shortcuts

I made this handy infograph-type picture to help me, and anyone else for that matter, remember the most basic and useful hot keys. 🙂   [Image Source]


3 Tips for Building Your Portfolio

It is widespread knowledge that artistic fields need a portfolio. But what no one told me, is that a portfolio is also super necessary for computer science - especially for the kinds of careers I am interested in: software and web development. But honestly, most anyone in a COSC field should have some sort of way [...]

7 Things You Need to Know if You are Entering a Computer Science Field

1. Your life will become a living puzzle. Everyday you will be solving problems. You are going to be continually challenged to look at things in a new way and come up with solutions to questions and obstacles you would have never even thought to think about before. 2. And it will be a little [...]

Multilingual: The Major Programming Languages

Counting programming languages sometimes feels a bit like counting stars. As  new languages constantly develop and old ones become obsolete it can be hard to keep track of - especially for the uninitiated. The  Wikipedia page listing history's notable languages has a few hundred scripting languages alone. But if you are new the coding world [...]