"Technology should improve your life, not become your life." -Billy Cox This is true for everyone, technology must be a tool we utilize,  not an addition we become a slave to. But for people in tech fields, whose lives really are mostly about technology, it is more important to find that balance - to learn [...]


U.S.S. Influence

The influence of Star Trek is undisputable. From promoting social changes to impacting the fundamental ways in which we tell our stories, Star Trek has affected the very fabric of our society. But nothing has been swayed by Star Trek like technology. Science fiction has always influenced the development new tech. Some of the earliest [...]

How Computer Geeks -> Go Green

Computers and technology have increased quality of life immensely, but it is no secret that electronics aren't good for environment. The amount of resources required to create and maintain these often fleeting devices is immense.  We have an obligation to protect and sustain our natural world - if nothing else, it is paramount to our [...]

Bigotry in the Software

Programmers are always dealing with bugs in their software, but prejudices may be just as much as of a concern. In my browsing, I happened to stumble across this very interesting NPR story about computer programs and algorithms perpetuating  sexism and racism. You can listen  to it here: Fascinated,I did more research. And I [...]